Labor shortages, Operational Efficiency, Leveraging Technology

The current labor shortage is choking your ability to grow sales and profits. Wages are increasing and positions remain unfilled. It's better than ever to now focus on improving your company's internal operations.

There are not many levers that you can pull in the current business environment. One area that is under your direct control is the Operational Efficiency of your company. Improvements today will continue to pay dividends in the future. Even after labor supply loosens up, we can expect the burdened cost of labor to continue to increase.

Improvements in operational efficiency may be the best alternative for achieving sales growth and increased profits in a tight labor market. This blog post makes the case for improving Operational Efficiency and Contribution Margin in any market. What are your options?

  1. Replace old computers and other equipment - they are hurting your bottom line.
  2. Business Process Automation (BPA) - improves employee efficiency and work consistency
  3. Employee Training - this not only includes job function but Security Awareness Training as well

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