Application Integration

icon services AppA key approach for your company to establish a competitive advantage is to substantially decrease the time delay between when a piece of data is generated/updated and the decisions made based on that information. Similarly, reducing the cost associated with processing and delivering that data can also provide a competitive advantage. Application Integration is able to both speed the flow of information throughout an organization as well as reduce the associated data processing costs.

Data silos exist in almost every organization limiting access and crucial visibility. For many small businesses, countless labor hours are lost foraging for data, massaging it in spreadsheets, and then moving it to another silo. While larger organizations are discussing Big Data and Analytics, small businesses are struggling for even basic access to their most current data. Ascend’s Application Integration services provide automated solutions to your data silo problems, making information readily available when it’s needed, where it’s needed, and in the format that it's needed in.

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