Employee Security Awareness Training is Essential

The #1 vulnerability for business networks are the employees using them. It’s extremely common for an employee to infect an entire network by opening and clicking a phishing e-mail (that’s an e-mail cleverly designed to look like a legitimate e-mail from a web site or vendor you trust). If they don’t know how to spot infected e-mails or online scams, they could compromise your entire network.

A successful Ransomware Attack is at the very least expensive and damaging. At worst it can destroy your business.

An effective Security Awareness Training program results in less infections, support calls and time fixing user mistakes.

A quality and effective Security Awareness Training (SAT) program includes:

  1. Phishing simulations to test employees to ensure they understand how to spot phishing emails as well as to ensure they are being diligent in applying the principles they learn in the program
  2. Comprehensive Educational courses within a highly automated Learning Management System