Windows Server 2003 End-of-Life

Microsoft has announced that after July 14, 2015, that it will discontinue support for Windows 2003. After that point, security patches from Microsoft will no longer be available and these servers will be increasingly vulnerable to security threats. An unpatched computer is a cyber-criminal's best friend since known security exploits remain available for them to use to gain access to your data and your network. The longer a computer remains unpatched, the more likely it is that it will be compromised by malicous hackers. 

There are a number of options available for small businesses when it comes to replacing your Windows 2003 servers. Which option is best is determined by a number of factors that are unique to your business. A Cloud vendor will insist that is the "best" route to go - but then he's selling cloud services. A server centric vendor will insist on upgrading your server as the "best" option. As is always the case, there are trade-offs to be considered and "best" varies from company to company. If you need help sorting through your options, then contact us for a free consultation.